Secure email for anti-interdiction


I might be interested in ordering a laptop with anti-interdiction services. Apparently this would involve coordinating shipping details with Purism as well as receiving pics of glitter-sealed screws via encrypted email. What is recommended on my end to communicate securely with Purism?

I currently use Protonmail but I don’t have any experience sending and receiving email using PGP or GPG (aside from the built-in PGP when sending between two Protonmail accounts). Is it possible to use my existing Protonmail account to communicate securely with Purism (assuming that Protonmail is trustworthy)? Or should I take this opportunity to set up a more secure mail account to coordinate shipping?

I should also mention that I will be communicating via a mobile device running Graphene OS, so ideally, any additional services would be fairly straightforward to setup.

For secure email, it doesn’t really matter the security of the messaging service if you just encrypt each others files with each other public keys. That’s how you can store large important files securely on insecure cloud services too.

For the order being from graphene phone, idk. They still use proprietary stuff. That’s your own risk to take. The best would be to do on a powerpc libre computer and run a libre distro with a vm just for the order on a web browser on the extreme end but that is a lot.


Public keys of Purism employees are here:

@flopsy if you make an Anti interdiction order, you will be contacted by us, at the time we will provide you with the public GPG keys of the persons that will coordinate the arrangements with you.


@user1 @fsflover Thanks for the explanation and helpful links

@joao.azevedo That seems pretty straightforward. Thanks.