Security Engineering 3rd edition by Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson is about to release his 3rd edition of “Security Engineering”. Till Nov 1st he’s offering his book as several PDFs for review (of course fair readers will also buy the paperback lateron). For everybody interested in security at even the slightest level this is a must read. Enjoy…

Ross Anderson: Security Engineering 3rd edition

@Kyle_Rankin Probably a good one for the cosy shelfs in the Purism dungeon… :wink:


btw the ‘Linux-Bible’ has reached it’s 10th edition …

I guess I should be planning which books to buy since I am switching to Linux as soon as I can afford to. Any other recommended books I should know about? To prevent a flood of recommendations, please keep the list short.

Side note: I am already finding equivalent software for my most common needs. So far, the options to cover my areas have good alternatives; even for podcasts and music database (quod-libet for music).

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The book i mentioned above is not the right one in those regards. If you’re not looking from a professional security-/engineering-standpoint, regard it more as a very interesting general read.

nevertheless: recommendation

Not knowing about it serious question: Does it make sense to go for it as the internet is cluttered with an abundance of information (i’ve got shelfes full of specialized literature und prefer something professional made out of one hand)? Your opinion very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

does it make sense ?
yeah if you want a BIG book that is nicely laid out and revised and the content is absolutely top notch … they wouldn’t put the effort to edit it 10 times if it wasn’t worth it …
the problem with the internet is that you are DEPENDENT on it to access knowledge and that CAN be dangerous in certain circumstances … that is why you should NOT dismiss the classic way of accessing information … the more alternatives the better :wink:

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Started reading it (Linux Bible 10th edition) yesterday. Really recommendable book. Thanks for your hint :wink:

Forgot: Carrying it with you means a big bonus, too. You’ll never fly away having that bugger in your bag… :rofl:

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