Security: Fireeye hacked - offensive tools and technics stolen

If there are known vulnerabilities, it’s a good - actually longterm the best - idea to fix them, to close the gaps. Unfortunately governments and especially governmental security instances seem to have a different viewpoint regarding that topic. They keep the holes open to use them egoistically themselves.

One of those has been hacked. Their offensive tools have been stolen. That might mean a lot of work before us…

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From FireEye

“We are actively investigating in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other key partners, including Microsoft.”

There’s the problem, the unspeakable horror than can not be named or tamed.

I was so impressed with Microsoft Mitigations and superb firewall on par with Packet Filter just doesn’t enter into the sentence of any systems security researcher. What does enter there vocabulary is “What was it?” when they hear the reply “Windows” they shrug and say what did you expect when you take a Browser with NSA keys called Internet Explorer and turn it into your filing systems file manager?

Oh’RLY! Well that’s kind of deeply amusing considering that FireEye is on the ICREACH website and a mouthpiece for the American intelligence community, even more deeply amusing that when they say they got hacked by a nation state hacking operation here is a few facts…

ANDREY MIRTCHOVSKI - yes this is a SLAVIC Russian name, was employed directly at Los Alamo’s Nuclear Labs and they may not question him…

Because he was 44 years old, a gifted Russian (Bulgarian) programmer and he died from Corona-Virus!

I hate the far-right feed of news fed from the hateful administration now in power in the US and thank Russia for it’s honesty.

The election of business tycoon and a reality TV star to the United States’ presidency is seen by many as a huge miscarriage of democracy. Ever since his election, there’s been speculation that he somehow stole or otherwise meddled in the election process.

Now, damning new information from within the Foreign Intelligence Service or SVR, a Russian intelligence agency, confirms that Trump did indeed meddle in the US elections.

An lets face fact’s it’s all about the //root of great evil - money… He tried to write off his debts which anyone in the open source community could have told him is a physical impossibility because those Cyber™ DATA disks look for exactly what your trying to do…

I mean how bad can it get, a load of guys on the streets screaming “Fascists!” and “Imperialist!” throwing petrol at Car Parks and Rubbish bins…

Raging SPY campaign success!

Especially when they embezzled a load of banking bonds, got caught doing it and fled the motherland post haste!

any more details regarding that ?

His obituary!

and one Fab Christmas photo, hes actually starting to look worried & pence is smiling!

Dont worry lord marshal, devolk, ie: the people !“we know”

China has already written off 400 Million of his personal Debt and if the rest of the money he owes is as he claims, just a tiny drop in the ocean, a peanut “I think was the term he used!” then he wont mind paying back every single penny of the 340 Million that he still owes them.

Tax cheats do not prosper and thieves ultimately end up in Jail.

The topic was in the right category for its subject but the last posts are taking things to “Round Table” direction…


Yeah but at least now know how it works… The C Library has a 50/50 percent chance of a serious exploit or overflow, that’s why if you use it to transfer large swathes of cash. Then there a 50/50 percent chance it’ll vanish!

Hold on just transferring your money now, oh wait no whoop’s it’s gone!

Illuminati you cant take my soul, Illuminati you cant take control… La La La!

The great Chinese firewall, what a load of tripe, its some Chinese bloke with a copy of Ubuntu going your //IP is denied.

Then they say you wouldn’t steal someone else’s intellectual property would you?

Of course people would, it depends how juicy it is!

Microsoft, Apple & Android with closed source proprietary locked in, systems and computers are up there at the top of the list if people want to discuss DATA Theft!

Word has it that it absolutely incised Putin it’s his central banks communications and a load of programmers ran off with it!

An when I say incised I mean he was FURIOUS! Lol

It’s good to know there are some things still out there in the world that can infuriate powerful people.

Masonic Ring Hebrew Yod

Taken from the tetragrammaton meaning: Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey the name of G_d

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FireEye now reveals some more details on the actual techniques - which is claimed to be SolarWinds supply chain being compromised/infiltrated and as result trjoan/backdoor planted into official software update (which was digitally signed).

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