Security Phone / Laptops / Bitcoin

Is anybody familiar with Trace Mayer endorsing Purism for Bitcoin storage?

If so are Purism Phone and Laptop identical in security?

I only plan on using either for Cold Storage of Bitcoin will the Librem 5 do the trick?

He was talking about storing his bitcoin on an Armory wallet on an offline Purism librem laptop.
That’s how I first heard of Purism.
The key there is that it’s offline, which is why everyone is buying Ledger and Trezor cold storage wallets.
Sure, he can afford to buy a brand new premium laptop and not really use it for anything else and leave it offline.
For the rest of us, that’s really not feasible. I need to use my Librem as my daily driver.
For crypto, my understanding is that you don’t want to store it on an exchange or on a laptop. I don’t know about the Librem 5 phone, but if the apps are sandboxed like on iOS, then maybe.
Hope that helps.