Security vulnerability management

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Does Purism do vulnerability management for PureOS operating system? I mean security analysis, CVSS assignment and publishing advisories to users. Something like Debian do:

I didn’t found this on Purism web pages.
Maybe Purism has plans for doing this in the future?

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If the question is how does PureOS do CVE management, the answer is that we specifically have designed PureOS with a small delta from Debian so that we can participate in and manage a CVE reporting process relevant to our code base. We essentially inherit Debian’s process for all our packages since they come from upstream with a few exceptions. PureOS is a rolling release so it updates automatically from Debian’s process. We are planning a stable release with a separate security management process and release cadence.


This is great news about stable release. Thank you @jeremiah

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Hi All, @jeremiah

Are plans for stable release with security management process is already established for PureOS?

I am still interested about this. Great trusted Purism hardware need trusted software on it.

as i read it that’s how he (Jeremiah) meant it above ! if Debian has it then PureOS has it as well …

for PureOS-10-Byzantium there are updates getting in almost daily … but not only security related …

Hello @reC I rather follow per last sentence from Aug’19:

Without explicit own security management process established in PureOS, the operating system is unusable in the contemporary security point of view.