See a Librem 15 in the San Francisco area?

I’m interested in the Librem 15, but want to see one in person before purchasing. Mostly I want to try the keyboard.

Is the Purism facility in South San Francisco open by appointment?

I have a 2015 MacBook, and typing on the Librem 15 feels almost identical to typing on the MacBook. If you can’t find a Librem to try, you might have an easier time finding an older Apple laptop. I know Apple switched their keyboard on more recent computers, so make sure you look for an older one so you’ll know it will have a comparable feel.

The only significant difference I’ve noticed is that the Librem 15 has a slightly larger keyboard, so if you’ve been using a MacBook your hands will have to get used to having more space.

I also own a 2013 MacBook Pro. I don’t think Apple changed the keyboard until recently, so I suspect my keyboard is the same as your 2015 model. Good to know.

I find my 2013 keyboard to be fine. I love the keyboards on my ThinkPads too.

Gheez, Thinkpads pre the 230 series were the bar as far as laptop keyboards are concerned, and were superior to desktop keyboards in many instances as well.

Even still the new keyboard they introduced on the 230 series and beyond was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I still prefer the old school switches though.

I remember when Thinkpads really were the best laptop you could buy. It’s painful to see what they have become these days.

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It takes an almost-imperceptably greater amount of force to push any given key on my Librem 15. If it weren’t for the difference in size, I don’t think I could tell the difference with my eyes closed.

I wound up buying one of their computers because I dropped my MacBook and I was already interested in their phone, so I figured getting the computer would give me a feel for how good a phone I should expect them to produce. As far as the finished product goes, they’ve managed to recreate the feel of an Apple-quality computer. I was so impressed with the quality of my computer that I went ahead and pre-ordered a phone instead of hanging out here to see what other people’s first reactions would be.

The Purism facility won’t let you drop by, for whatever reason. To be honest, it irks me as it would have made dropping off my laptop for repair much easier than the multi-month ordeal it turned into.