Seeing posts in this forum from ignored

According to the description, I wouldn’t expect to see posts from users marked as “Ignored”. Does it only apply to notifications?

I don’t know the answer but as this forum is standard open source software, Discourse, maybe researching the answer for Discourse will help.

Some posts are flagged by other users for moderation. And the moderators may disagree that the post in question should be moderated and disregard the flag.

Is that that you are referring to?

No. I am referring to selecting the user and changing them from “Normal” to “Ignore”. I still see their posts. I’ll check the Discourse issues, now that I know it’s the basis for this forum. (Thanks @irvinewade)

Rereading the descriptions under each setting, Normal, Mute, and Ignore, it appears it might only apply to notifications. I thought it used to apply to visibility as well, but I may be thinking of a different forum.

How does one see that this forum is powered by Discourse and view the version information?

Indirectly: Top right hand corner hamburger menu; FAQ; search for “Discourse”

Pass. :wink:

<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 2.5.0.beta7 - version 1f053173a45fb6fa544219e8c023fde07052c823">

I found this in the <head> in the site source.

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