Selcting items in context menues - faulty behaviour?

Say I have a list of files in my Download folder
Say few mp3s
Selecting the mp3 files by tapping my finger on it - opens a context menu with the normal list
two questions:

  1. the second option is open with a different application - but when I raise my finger off the screen to select this second options - the context menu disappears… the only way around this is to use either a actual keyborad or the terminal keyboard offering arrows - is there a way around this??
  2. in order to open the mp3 file with the first option (in my case vlc) the context menu says click return - so why do I need to get the keyboard up and then press the return - rather than just tapping with the finger and opening the file in vlc ???is there a way around this?
  1. It’s a known bug. It works with fingers if you stop touching exactly in the moment the menu appeared. If you use the mouse, you will have exact same behavior: a short right click opens the menu, a long right click opens it, but close it on releasing mouse button. It’s easier just to use terminal keyboard with MENU-key (also something good in other apps for other reasons). The menu itself can be touched with your fingers.
  2. I haven’t experienced this. All my files get open with double click (used double click settings that I don’t open without purpose).

Good to know I am not crazy

The Librem 5 world seems to consists of all sorts of experiences…

There is no context menu with tap. It only appears for me using a tap and hold.

Go to Settings -> Default Applications -> Music. Change it to the new application you want to use as default.

That should not happen. It should be as simple as tapping it briefly once.

yes but the context menu disappears as soon as you move your finger away from the screen and thus you cannot select any of the options available only in the context menu…

Hence I am rather frustrated - and also it takes so much time from my day when you need to do a simple thing and it just does not happen…

Maaaate, it’s a known bug.

Context menus are difficult to use until this bug gets sorted out.

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Already explained in first answer and (s)he said (s)he understood in 2nd answer. :wink:

Correct, do not rely on the context menu for now and treat all operations with your finger(s) as “left-click(s)”. It currently takes unrealistic finesse and timing to properly utilize the context menu.