Selecting the modem based on regions/countries

Is there any recommendation or table for the modem based on regions in the world, for example concrete, what I should select for Germany or Central EU?

Note also that some providers operate also im US and Eu, i.e. “use xyz for T-mobile” will not fit. Thanks

We have been wondering, and still waiting.


I don’t know why you’re still waiting, if all of the information is already available (from purism itself)
see here:

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Also this thread

Quite right, I forgot about that. I’m probably suffering ‘expectation fatigue’. I plan to check my option when offered.


Sadly, this only answers a small part of the questions. There are still many questions like of Wireless Provider certifications and VoLTE, and of power drain by different modems, and driver support. Some discussion is here: Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile? And which modem is best for them?

I have posted elsewhere about the Sierra Wireless EM7565 which is a B-slot compatible and GLOBAL M.2 card modem which has Linux compatibility and compatibility sought for ATT, Verizon, Vodafone and more. At $173 on one site and 169.50 on another
Pricey, yes, but interesting for use in Australia, Japan and some other regions with limited options and inasmuch as dual cards required with swapping otherwise is not needed with this modem. This assumes that it can work, though the manufacturer notes Linux compatibility with specifically designated files downloads.

The main thing to watch out for is whether it has a PCM interface for the Librem 5 to use for voice calls. Not all modems do.

On the Techship page you linked to, I saw these apparently contradictory specifications:

Voice call support No
Audio interface Digital PCM signal input/output in socket
Digital I2S signal input/output in socket

Supposedly the voice support was coming. I mistakenly thought that it was there already.
While planned, the Sierra people seem to be taking their time to implement this. See:

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