Sell Librem 15v4

I have received a Librem 15v4 and would like to sell the device.
Visually good condition, except for the slightly demolished corners (See photos). Technical condition as far as I could test it is very good.
Unfortunately, no Librem Key is included.
Only the power supply and the laptop itself are sold, no accessories.
If interested, anyone is welcome to make me an offer.
Thanks, Andreas

Are you in Europe?

Is there any Warranty left?

How old is this?

How well does the hinge work?

Is there any damage to the screen?

Hey. Yes. I am from Germany.
I have no idea if there is any warranty left, but the problem is that I don’t have any invoice. The device was bought in November 2021.
The whole laptop is basically in a good condition, except the dent on the corner …
Screen is fine, looks a little bit dusty on the fotos, but also in good condition.
Hinge also absolutely in good condition.
still interested?

I am in the central United States. Something about your offer just said Europe to me.

I would feel VAT, shipping costs, Insurance costs. and then US Tariffs or other fees would be too much over the price of the machine.

Anyway. I think you can find someone who can pay more. I am on Social Security (United States old age pension-which is quite meager)

Best Wishes

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