Selling 2 unused Librem 5's

Hello all,

Not sure if this post is proper, but I have two open box, unused Librem 5 phones that was received roughly a year and a half ago, and have been sitting in the box since. They are Evergreen model with BM818-A1 modems. I am looking to sell them to anyone interested. Asking $600 each plus shipping.

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Photo of the two. If interested just dm me.


Good luck with your sale. I’m sure you’ll find some takers quickly at that price.

Why sell them?

I’ve just never used them. I’m much more of a user than a developer and Librem development progress has been too snail pace to wait till the device is user-friendly practical. I’ve just continued with LineageOS instead.


Is it possible to flash Graphene OS into them? Might want a different modem, though.

Yes, if you port it first. GrapheneOS developers do not look interested to do it.

@sLazer392 Are you in the US?

Yeah, I am in the US.

I don’t have any other modems available. Just the ones that came in the phones.

The i.MX 8M Quad has Android drivers and I suspect that the other components in the L5 also have Android drivers, but it would take a huge amount of work to port the L5 to a AOSP-derivative, and you would probably need Purism to help you get the Android drivers for some of the components since they aren’t publicly available. Porting will be much harder than a normal phone, because the L5 uses a lot of non-standard parts (like kill switches and a smartcard reader) that would require a lot of work.

By the way, the lead GrapheneOS developer goes out of his way to publicly criticize the L5 as having insecure hardware, which forestalls any collaboration on that front. CalyxOS may be open to the idea, but they only work on porting to phones which already run well on LineageOS > /e/, so you would have to start there.

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You can buy a modem separately in the PureOS store.

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These phones have been sold.

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