Selling an unshipped Librem 5 (BM818-T1 modem) Evergreen

I have received my notice of shipment to receive my Librem 5 (Purism informed me they can swap it out for any other modem before they ship it).

I’d like to sell it to someone on the forum.

Unshipped, unopened, new in the box. $700 USD.

We could change the shipping address, and you would receive the phone in two weeks (according to Purism). I would never be in possession of the phone, so it would be new for all intents and purposes.

Any takers?


OK, no takers. How about $600 USD?

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The last 3 non-USA models on eBay sold for (as of when I posted this):
Dec 14: $808
Dec 12: $710
Dec 1: $850
Of course, eBay takes a cut, and this is not an issue when transferring your order with Purism. And for security minded people, receiving the phone directly from Purism is a plus. But maybe the Purism forum market is saturated.

Given the price, I would not mind having another phone for testing VoIP stuff. But I would rather someone who needs it takes you up on this offer. If not, I will buy it.

Hi Matt, I haven’t actually checked out ebay. I’d half forgotten I’d posted this! Those are prices are a little more than I thought. Would you be willing to pay $650USD? If so, I’d be happy to transfer my order to you.

Ah, screw it. I’ll transfer it for 600 USD. Do we have a deal?

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Bump. Any takers?

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I’m interested, but it’s $800.+ here, not including shipping, cross-border costs, USP broker costs, and taxes. I thought the only difference between USA Made and other, was the cost of labour putting them together. I haven’t been paying a lot attention as to what Pure has been doing lately, but it looks like only Made in USA is available now at a much higher cost than previous ship-from options.

Cost you charge to ship to BC Canada?

Note it is a big risk for me because I don’t know if it will even work here (carriers), new models may be in the wait list, and I’ve no idea what’s wrong with it (having read many posts), and date it was assembled.



Hi there! Yes, that would be great. We can ask Purism to change the modem to a Canada specific one, and change the shipping address to Canada.

Perhaps you ask Purism what modem would be most suitable?


@Sharon, IMO you are the one that needs to try to reach @twilight_paradox over PM (especially when someone very new to this Forum). Secondly, as title of this thread suggesting, to me it looks like that you would need to transfer your money (somehow) and at the same time requested money toward particular Asia-Pacific country and you would like to know, in advance, exact details about this (quite eventual) 600.00 USD transfer.

This is irrelevant at this point of time. Your only concern is to provide your personal data to Sharon, and your Librem 5 pre-order details for example, in order that she can check those with support@ team even before executing any money transfer toward you (your provided money account data). In short, you are about to answer Sharon questions (not the other way around) and at the end transfer personally/legally your (from your side) pre-order to her. In precise: Request from Purism transfer of your pre-order to Sharon (her Purism account).

P.S. Both of you, please do not get me any wrongly, I hope that your contact (between both of you) will end up in successful transfer …

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It’s an unshipped phone, therefore shipping is free.

Basically you are taking twilight_paradox’s place in the queue - but that place is right at the front of the queue (or was two months ago). Purism has in the past cooperated in the process or changing the order over from the old customer to the new customer, with both customers confirming that payment has successfully been made by the new customer to the old customer, and before that confirming order details i.e. the old customer’s right to transfer the order.

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@Quarnero - When was this phone one manufactured and type - i.e. Evergreen, or whatever?

I checked and CIBC in Canada (my bank) can send same day just as a regular E-transfer like most banks.
As for exchange rate, if @twilight_paradox is willing, he can check to see what the exchange rate is (at the moment he checks) and I’ll e-transfer or international transfer, which ever way he wants, the amount that makes it $800.oo in USD. Once he confirms with you, the exchange is OK, I’ll give him/ or you the name and shipping data.

So I have it right, I will send @twilight_paradox $600.00 USD, then he gives you (PURI) the Canada shipping address and it should arrive within 2 - 3 weeks?

Let get 'er done :slight_smile:

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Yes! I sent you a PM yesterday.

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You need to involve Purism before any money is transferred.

In terms of exchange rate, normally the sender of the money (you in this case) takes the exchange rate risk i.e. you send the exact agreed amount in USD and your bank shafts you on the exchange rate (i.e. it will cost you a few more C$ than you expect but nothing too terrible).

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After twilight_paradox informs Purism that she/he transfers her/his pre-order for Librem 5 to you, actually to your E-mail address within related Purism database, you will log into your Purism Shop account and confirm there that you are owner of here related Librem 5 pre-order. I suppose that your E-mail address is the same as your Purism account one and even if you do not have already opened account just contact support@ Team with related pre-order purchase number within title of this message.

@Sharon I gave you intro into where you are about to be careful/focused and therefore almost ignored your second question. Anyway, when you receive your Librem 5 do not forget to inform us about when this Linux phone actually shipped to you: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping.

Yes, exactly, thanks! Here are other related and useful info/intro that Sharon needs to skim and even read carefully: Refund for Librem 5.