Selling an unshipped Librem 5 (USA modem) Evergreen

I have received my notice of shipment to receive my Librem 5 (With USA modem).

I am going to request a refund or if someone responds quickly, I can accept payment and change the shipping address to you. Unshipped, unopened, new in the box.

$900 plus shipping.

Subject: Purism_2694154835 Librem 5 Evergreen shipping

Summary: With apologies for the delay, we are now preparing your Librem
5 to ship and need you to read this email carefully with replying until October 24, 2022.

Please help updating our records by letting us know if:

[ ] - The shipping address in this email is current,
and no change is required

[ ] - The shipping address in this email is NOT current
and I have now updated it

[ ] - order for accessories is placed

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Is this a L5 USA or a L5 with USA modem?

L5 with a USA modem

Then $900 is around 50% over the original price you have payed for, isn’t it?


So? (10 chars)


Cheapest one on eBay…

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Well it is a bit jarring when someone specifically writes “I am going to request a refund”. So the OP invites a direct comparison between getting a refund of the amount paid (at some time in the future, given the various complaint topics in this forum) v. getting “50%” more than that immediately. :joy:

But, sure, it’s a free market. The OP can offer to sell and maybe he finds a willing buyer and maybe he doesn’t. The OP would no doubt point out the percentage less than the current new price from Purism (never mind about the months of delay if ordering new now).

That’s fair. I think I subconsciously dismissed the notion of a refund because I have no faith in getting one.

Perhaps, if the OP fails to sell, the OP can report here if/when the refund is made.


@s7mo, good spirit just left you today or you think that you talk here to the people that live around you?

If the refund is made.

I had a winning bidder that didn’t follow through and pay, so I am reposting on eBay.
Dropping the price $50. This will get shipped directly from Purism, I have never taken possession.


I don’t think you ever mentioned your order date and it is now unclear what is happening with your order. I assume you didn’t reply to organise shipping so probably you have been dropped out of the queue.

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I replied to Purism. It is ready to ship. I asked them to hold off shipping it for a week or two to see if I can sell the phone. They will ship directly.

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