Selling in EU suggestion

I saw your 200$ discount for the librem 15 i was asking this is not equal for european because if they buy from you they got discount but have tax, if they buy on eu reseller they don’t pay vat but no discount. I was wondering if is possible for you to manage inside shop also european reseller market so european will buy from your site with euro value and then the european reseller will ship the product

Any other kind of integration from eu reseller and your site is welcome


What might be even better is if Purism could setup a European office and assemble their international products from there.

If we’re being honest, once the purism laptops leave the US border, the TSA, NSA, and other three letter agencies have pretty much full control to install hidden backdoors in the hardware. We know from their history they do this frequently, and I’m sure they would especially target Purism products.

Another option would be to work out a way to prevent shipping interception, but I know from a previous thread on here that there really is no sure fire way to prevent this.

Let’s start by choosing a more freedom respecting country to build these products in.

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There seems to be a German Reseller:

I don’t know if there is any official collaboration, but it could be a start for an European Warehouse, I’m pretty sure in Germany (and the rest of the EU too) is a great demand for secure and privacy-respecting computers.


your solution should be THE solution purism should work on

I would also be very interested in an EU distributor (the shop mentioned above only ships in Germany). Buying from an EU distributor eliminates the unpredictable tax handling costs that are charged by packet delivery services. Furthermore, probably shipping and handling costs could be reduced by shipping larger quantities of devices.
I’m willing to help a trustworthy EU reseller if you are interested.


Exist some other EU re-seller as this mention above is not anymore selling?

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I did an app donation last week. I was unhappily surprised that the bank transfer costed me €15. Please try to find a EU distributor. Again, if you would like some suggestions let me know. Importing from the US requires here in the Netherlands that tax administration has to be done by the package delivery company. This also introduces a fee that could be prevented by an EU distributor. Honestly, buying Purism hardware brings quite some additional cost and hassle when you order from the US, that’s why I did not consider a Purism laptop last time when I bought a laptop.

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I pre-ordered a Librem 5 from Europe by credit card and my bank added a not negligible amount for converting € in $, so I pre-ordered a Librem 14 paying by TransferWise and conversion was very low. :heart_eyes:
I asked to Purism support the parameters to use:

  • routing number (9 digits): 325070760
  • account number: 683388719
  • account type: checking
  • account holder name: Purism
  • account holder full address: One Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
  • account holder email:
  • reason of the transfer: they allow max 10 characters, so you should write P_NNNNNNNN instead of Purism_NNNNNNNN.

I chose the option to deliver to Purism the exact amount, so TransferWise took a little more money for returning the extra later (€/$ conversion changes everyday, so TransferWise calculates as a precaution a greater amount).


I guess you should just change your bank (or make a second account in a good bank). Mine took 0.13 EUR from me for the transaction.

Starting this month, (German) Vikings sells Talos II produced by (USA) Raptor CS, a RYF certified workstation and server.
I would like that Purism thinks about Vikings too for distributing its products in Europe.

#stuck-waiting … should make that a T-Shirt :sweat_smile:

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