Shipping from EU requested

I wanted to buy the SparkLAN WiFi Module, see this screenshot:

The shipping fee is $60.52.

On top of that I will have to pay in the Netherlands probably tax handling to the shipping company, and I will have to pay VAT.

Please, provide a shipping point directly within the EU.


That’s a hell of a shipping fee. I ordered one sometime in February, it shipped via USPS to Europe (though not EU), and shipping fee was $14.99.

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+1. I’d like to be able to buy replacement batteries for my L5. I don’t even have an option to buy them from the US, even if I wanted to.


Not undermining your bigger-picture point but did you look to see whether you can buy this module from another supplier, one who does supply from within the EU? You could ask the manufacturer who sells their module in the EU?

I don’t think there is any way round having to pay tax but finding a supplier within the EU may reduce the shipping fee and avoid the tax-handling overheads.

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Yes please! I want to buy a OpenPGP card with $15, but just the shipping to the UK is $62.86 ;—;


+1 got the exact same horror screen myself…


Do you have a friend in the US? Would that work out cheaper? (Would have to check what the shipping within the US is.)


A friend of mine tried to order two L5 screen protectors ($10 each) to Kazakhstan (middle Asia). Purism requested shipping fee of $100… So EU shipping fee seems to be even pretty liberal.

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