Selling Librem 14 — NYC

Selling my lightly used Librem 14. Received it months and months ago now but just haven’t had the time to really try using it until recently. Decided it’s not for me. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just want something a little more straightforward.

As stated in the ebay listing, I installed a 1 TB Samsung 980EVO NVME M.2 and two Crucial 8 GB 2666 SR SODIM sticks (for a total of 16 GB of RAM).

Please feel free to reach out here, DM me, or send me a message on ebay if you have any questions! Can ship throughout the USA, or deliver within NYC.

just install kali linux and take some free classes at

Thank you! But I do not want this machine anymore and would prefer to sell it off to someone who would enjoy it more.

Bumping this post — someone made an offer on the laptop, but never actually paid for it. It’s been over a week so I’ve relisted the laptop here