Selling Librem 5 EU Evergreen with UPerfect Mini X

So I have had my Librem 5 for quite some time now, but have been using it less and less so I have now unfortunately decided to sell it. I have a few times brought it out of the house, but it has mostly been used at home so it is in very good condition. I have never inserted my SIM card in it, as I never fully switched over to using it as a daily driver. The past months I’ve mostly just used it with my lapdock and since I don’t bring it out of the house or use it as a daily driver it felt like a gimmick to me as my normal laptop is faster. Otherwise, the convergence mode is pretty cool, would probably have sold it much earlier if convergence didn’t work as well as it does.

I propose a price of 1000€ for everything, as that’s what I’ve paid approximately for everything in total. 650€ for the phone + ~150€ import tax to the EU as well as 200€ for the UPerfect Mini X. Considering that just a new Librem 5 costs 1300$, I think that this price is fair.
Send me a PM on this forum if you are interested.

I would prefer a buyer within the EU, but international shipping could also be discussed.

What’s included:

  • Librem 5
    • The phone
    • Original box
    • Original EU charger + USB-C cable
    • NOT the original headphones
  • UPerfect Mini X
    • The lapdock itself
    • EU Charger
    • USB-C → USB-C cable
    • USB-C → USB-A cable
    • mini-HDMI → HDMI cable
    • Mount to hold the phone at the side of the screen
    • NOT original packaging (have thrown those away)

I have a 256GB SD-card as well that I could include for extra cost if you want.

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Due to lack of interest, I’m open to sell for €800.

Due to lack of interest still, I’m open to sell for 700€

This is now sold on eBay.


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