Selling librem 5 Evergreen model - used (USA)

Hello all,my names Chris. I have had my librem 5 since July,have the charger and box. Box has some writing on it,phone has one tiny nick on the aluminum but is in otherwise pristine condition,just lightly used. I’m selling it because unfortunately my financial situation is far,far different from where It was when I purchased this device. (Im currently homeless)
Im selling this device at the LOW price of 600$ in the hopes someone will take it off my hands who wants it. I’m willing to go lower if you are someone who is in a situation where you couldn’t afford it at full price yourself.

I’m able to ship FedEx or USPS pretty easily,can accept payment through Cash app,zelle,or traditional cryptocurrency like Bitcoin,Litecoin, monero (no eth based please - lol)
I would be immensely grateful for any interest.
Shipping from USA

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Share your Librem 5 location to improve interest.

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