Selling Librem 5 Order (ships directly from purism)

I tried sending an email the next day and same bounce back. I sent one today and it successfully went through and I got a reply, not sure what the issue was.


And what was the text of that bounced email?

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The text was:

"How to I transfer my order to another person?

[Name Redacted]"

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Never mind… :no_mouth:

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The question meant: What did the bounce say? Not what did the original message say.

I asked the same question above. It’s going to be difficult to get to the bottom of mail messages bouncing without such information as: a log of the protocol session where the message is attempted to send to Purism and/or an actual SMTP error code and message for each attempt and/or any kind of message that indicates the reason that the mail message was bounced (rejected).