Selling Librem 5 pre-order from Nov 2019 for original price

I ordered my Librem 5 over three years ago. Since then I have shifted focus and I have significantly less time. As such, I won’t have any use for the phone if I receive it now and want to sell my pre-order for the original price of $699.00.

First come first served.

As I understand it, it is possible to transfer a pre-order to another account on request. I will request this as soon as the payment is received. I also hope Purism staff can verify the legitimacy of my pre-order.


I am surprised, I was expecting more interest. I will keep this offer open until Friday. If no one wants to buy for $699, I will cancel my pre-order then.

read the forum for refund. especially when you are from abroad.

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Don’t sell. You will be sorry.

Just kidding. Sell if you like. But the L5 is very much a useable phone. I’ve been using it as my one and only phone for two months now. And it does a pretty good job. Sure, it’s far from perfect, but it works well enough. And it’s a great machune to play around with.

I believe you but I still won’t be able to use it as my regular phone because due to my work I have to use some Android apps (accounting, banking, …). It’s like buying a game on Steam because it is on sale even though you know you will never have the time to play it.

Sure, is not gonna give you the full modern day smart phone experience just yet. So, maybe best to wait for the next incarnation. No hard feelings :wink:

Don’t we all. In theory you can run Android apps inside a “container” on the Librem 5. Is that really safe? Probably. Hopefully. Still a bit work-in-progress.

But as others have said, it’s your phone to sell if you want.

Pushing this one more time to see if anyone is interested.

Is the pre-order still available?

Yes, it is. :+1:

OK - how do we do this?

To sell a pre-order, I believe that you both need to contact Purism. They have done it many times before.

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I’ve mailed support and added a link to this thread so hopefully they’ll respond to one or prefereable both of us :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was not home until now. I will also write them and ask them to confirm to you that this pre-order is legitimate. We can discuss further details in PM also.

Hehe. I’ve done that too often.

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Thanks to @waldwirt I’m now the proud owner of a Librem5 pre-order.


Thanks @laccata and have fun with the Librem 5! :blush: