Selling Librem 5 USA

As I previously posted, I am looking to sell my Librem 5 USA. It is a terrific device backed by a great company/ movement. Unfortunately for my circumstances I am not familiar enough with linux os in general. I need to be confident that I understand the technology in order to best utilize it. Therefore I must part ways for the interim - until my knowledge is at an operable level.
Librem 5 USA (Evergreen) includes: openPGP card, 64GB microSD, privacy screen, Librem 5 modem (BM818-A1, US) and all original accessories. It has been reflashed to factory settings. No calls were ever placed on the device. Anti-Interdiction service was used for delivery. I’m looking for an offer of $1,800. Please let me know if you are interested and if the price seems appropriate. Thank you!