Selling Librem 5

Not sure where to put this, but I recently received my Librem 5. After setting it up briefly and then attempting to go through a few hoops to make it usable for me, I have discovered that it is not a phone I wish to have. I personally have other priorities that I need to take care of and will do what I can for privacy and security elsewhere with what I have. Main things that I noticed I didn’t like was the fast battery drain, and choppy cel service (randomly cut in and out). And, I suppose with patience I could have figured this out, but I also couldn’t seem to understand the instructions on making Firefox usable.

Doesn’t matter now, I just want my 650$ back to use in a more conservative way. Already messaged support about a return… and well, I guess I can’t return the phone. Bummer. If I would have known that I probably wouldn’t have bought the phone in the first place. But that is probably my fault for not looking into that a bit more.

Again, that doesn’t matter now. Not sure where I could sell this. I would post it on EBay but I figured that, since this community is all in on this stuff, I could send a word here.

I feel bad for my ignorance and impatience, but I have other things that I need to worry about and would rather not spend my time and money on this phone right now. Thank you are for the help beforehand though :slight_smile:


Librem 5 (not Liberty Phone)

3 additional screen protectors (in addition to the one that is preinstalled. I had no idea lol.)

1 additional spare battery

BM818-A1 modem (North America. Shipping here. Unsure about elsewhere.)

Asking 650$

(Phone has had some setup. I did not reflash the phone to “reset” it. Only things you will find are a few scores in 2048, some files I downloaded in attempt to make Firefox more usable, which would then include some Firefox searches, and I set the date and time to match my time zone. Unsure if I should spend the time to reflash it?)


I’m not a buying candidate, but what could help is some more info:
What L5 do you sell (Liberty phone / regular L5)?
What modem is inside (like BM818 - E1 for EU model)?
What is your asking price?
What extrás are in the box (extra battery or so)?
Where do you ship to (or not)?

A potentional buyer would like to know these kind of things. :wink:


Technically Librem 5 is for Gnu people, even Librem 5 is not for Linux people for some reason.
ATM i not using my Librem 5 because still not ready however it seems to be ready on Gnu Crimson time.

Editado: it looks be ready on Gnu Byzantium but needed performing some techniques.




Ahh, yes of course. Should I add that as a reply to my thread or edit the thread to contain such information?

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Edit the original post.

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Alright, thank you.

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The modem probably is not useful outside of NA. A different modem can be purchased cheaply from Purism, and installed by the user/buyer, for service in other regions of the world.

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Ahh, okay. I was wondering about that. Thanks.


If you have loaded any contacts or sent/received any text messages or sent/received any email messages then, yes, you probably should reflash it.

I guess this also depends on whether you are using disk encryption and, if so, whether you have changed the default passphrase. (If you are using disk encryption and you have changed the default passphrase then you are forcing the purchaser to reflash so there is no need for you to.)

If you don’t care about your own privacy and provided that the phone boots normally, I wouldn’t bother to reflash it. Any sensible purchaser should reflash it anyway.

For $699 a purchaser can get a brand new phone from Purism. (It is unfortunate timing for you that Purism recently dropped the price. In fact, recently, a purchaser could have bought a phone from Purism for $599.)


The only information you will find of mine, personally, is my time zone and my first name (I used my first name for the scores in 2048). I changed no passwords of any kind, I never added an email, never received phone calls or texts. It is essentially brand new.

Yes, I understand that. But 699$ gets you the phone (brand new) with a screen protector while I am selling my phone with 3 additional screen protectors and a spare battery. And minus the ridiculous shipping I paid (unless when I sell it they would have to pay the same?). No mine is not 100% brand new, but barely used. I am willing to drop it if someone offers. I just want most of my money back at this point to use elsewhere.