Selling Librem5 in Germany

Hello, I bought my Librem brand new on the 17th of November. But I was so shocked with how thick and bulky it is. Therefore, I’m re-selling it. It was used for just a couple of hours.
P.S. Location is Germany

OK so you need Locked Google, Apple slim device. No worries.

However Purism it is not good anymore because started Ridiculously using Unsecurity Blobs into Librem devices.

relax. I am being honest about my experience. I have weak hands and I couldn’t carry it for too long.


Started? Legally they are obliged to do that for the cel modem. Has anything changed that I don’t know about with regards to binary blobs?

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Perhaps fork the topic if you want to pursue that discussion. This is just some guy in Germany who wants to sell his Librem 5, and it’s nothing to do with blobs.


Perhaps stay out of peoples conversations. How about that? Less talky, more ready, mmk?

@carlosgonz @intergalacticllama Let’s keep things on-topic and civil, please. No need to hijack someone’s marketplace thread.