Selling my Librem 14 =) {READY TO SHIP NOW!}

Selling lightly used Librem 14 v1. Maybe has 100 hours on it. It’s in perfect condition with no scratches dents or dings.

A new order spec’ed this way would cost you $2,150, plus shipping + backorder status.

Price is $1,500 shipped in USA. {OR BEST OFFER}
$1,800 + (shipping international). {OR BEST OFFER}
Key dongle shipped separate add $60 + shipping fees

It’s technically out of warranty now. Bought a couple years ago. Used it for security research. I don’t have a use for it right now and it’s just sitting =( . Too many computers sitting around not being used. And obviously this computer shouldn’t just be sitting around!

I can load PureOS or QubesOS for you, plus re-flash the key dongle. Or you can. Up to you. I can ship the key dongle separate (interdiction type service) for an additional $60 + shipping). If you want I cant remove the old HDD and put a brand new unopened SSD in the box. Or install a brand new SSD for you. It’s all up to you. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Willing to ship internationally so long as the price is right. Coming from USA.

I lost the original charger in a move so had to replace it. No big deal. Everything works.

32GB ram

You can email me

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