Selling my Librem 14

I’m selling my Librem 14 which came in half a year after ordering it for $3,052.99 overall.

Battery 4-cell
Memory (DDR4): 64GB (2x32GB)
Storage (M.2 SSD): 1TB (NVMe Pro)
Power Adapter Plug: EU
Firmware: PureBoot Bundle Anti-Interdiction (PureBoot Bundle Plus + Anti-interdiction services)
Operating System: PureOS
Warranty: 1 Year
Privacy Screen for Librem 14

It can be shipped via DHL, UPS, whatever expedited or regularly, either way it would take 2-14 days to arrive maximum.


Only 1 year warranty for $3000 laptop? That’s pretty shit. Purism doesn’t seem to have much faith in their own products.


The 1-year warranty is included, but you can buy an optional 3-year warranty for $169. This practice is fairly standard with vendors, from what I’ve seen.

I do think the industry should offer longer warranties as standard, though.

For comparison:


Addressing the above concerns:

I believe much of the limitation is due to the consumable nature of batteries, but I feel that @amarok is completely correct, and I have created internal issues to raise awareness of the concern for standard 1-year warranties and to consider a caveat to isolate the batteries within the warranty policy (i.e. making it more of a “limited parts and labor warranty” as System76 has done in the link above).

Now getting back on topic as to not hijack @someday’s thread:

The store page for the L14 shows:

Available on backorder - restocking soon

…so purchasing this bundle may be the quickest way to get your hands on a L14!


Will Purism honor the warranty if your not the original owner, or is it buyer beware on the 2nd hand market? (useful info to anyone considering Op’s offer)


That’s a very good question. The original warranty will be honored with the same terms (the warranty is neither lost nor extended). I will create a ticket to ensure that this is officially disclosed in the published hardware warranty policy.


shipping from?
will ship to?
asking price?


Shipping from Netherlands/ Germany, can do both since I live close to the border.

Shipping to everywhere.

Asking price is $3k.

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I am just curious why you opened the box when you had in mind to sell it for the same purchase price?
Also the 2 photos that you shared are very strong, please improve the contrast and visibility.

You are also not obliged to answer my questions.

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Had to unpack and boot it up once to make sure everything is working as intended. I wouldn’t like to sell/ keep something flawed.



Why did you decide to Sell your Librem 14? when it is best Free Software Computer over Propietary-Opensource Computer like System76, i mean it is a privilege to own one L14.

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Yeah that is too much time.

Thanks for responding…

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