Selling my Librem 5 (Evergreen, BM818-T1)

I am selling my Librem 5, as I am not making much use of it, and I believe that it would be better if it can benefit someone that still has an interest for it.

Here are the details:

  • Model: Librem 5 Evergreen Edition
  • Modem: BM818-T1
  • Condition: Barely used, in very good condition
  • Order Date: October 2017
  • Delivery Date: October 2021

I have only use my Librem 5 occasionally for system updates and experimentation. As a result, it is in very good condition as it has spend most of its time in its box, the battery being removed.

Price: I am looking for 800 euros for it, but I am open to discussing the price.

Shipping: I am located in Montpellier, France, so shipping within the country would be the ideal arrangement. However, I am open to discussing shipping to other countries as well.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at I would be happy to provide more details, answer any questions, and share additional pictures if needed.


I am lowering the price to 700 euros.

I am now lowering the price to 650 euros.

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