Selling my Librem 5 Evergreen, EU, (new)

I ordered my Librem 5 in 2018, for work. Much has happened since then, and I no longer need this phone. I have turned it on, and used it for about an hour.

It comes in its original box.

Asking price: 990 EUR

The phone is shipped from Portugal. The price includes worldwide shipping.

Asking price: 890 EUR

(Unable to update above post, so adding this comment.)

Updated asking price: 790 EUR.

If anyone is interested, PM me.

Asking price: 690 EUR

Final offer: 590 EUR

I might be interested.

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I’ve sent you a PM.

Hi fro, how much import duty did you pay? My librem 5 is on its way and Ive just received the import tax bill and its £135.

The EU is a nightmare. To import this phone into the EU I ended up paying €238.9 to DHL.

What? Shipping should be free and for each Dollar you just have to pay 0,9€ - with around 20% Tax (of course, depends on country) you should be below 120€. Did you forget to do this from Purism mail:

Make sure to use:


as coupon code at checkout to save on shipping costs.

Or did you buy so much more that you had to pay twice the price for the products themselves?

It surely is the EU’s fault here! Irony off

The shipping was free, but the EU has “toll barriers” / import duty.

I had to pay it, luckily for me a job came in so i could, otherwise itd be still in customs.

So mine arrived yesterday and before I open it id like to ask is it any good? I dont feel like its necessary anymore. For me Rob Braxmans phone is more suited to my needs. Saying that it doesnt come with a headphone jack.

Has the L5 battery life issue been resolved?

You have already made your decision. Just sell it and move on.

If the phone was for you, you would know already. It’s just what it is. Right now, the phone is for the enthusiast that fully understands, respects and to some degree has the minimal skills necessary to use the L5 to the potential it promised us.

Truth is my mind isnt made up yet. I lost interest in it with purisms dodgy handling of delivery dates etc. So I havent followed purism for some time probably because of all the complaints.

So, at this point is it good enough to be a daily driver?
I mainly use my android phone for music, browsing, email & signal.
Id need more than 2 web browsers for browser isolation. PureOS only has 2 functioning browsers (on my installation anyway).

What is the audio quality from the headphone socket like? I can only fit 256gb sd in my current phone and its almost full. Moving to a bigger card would be great. Ive tried to watch reviews on YT but there arent many.

Good. And I only have a cheapie pair of headphones.

I actually appreciate the headphone socket because these days Apple forces you to go out and buy Bluetooth headphones (or maybe a Lightning-to-audio adapter).

I have a 512 GB uSD card in my Librem 5 and it works fine. (I didn’t want to afford a 1 TB card but that should work too - and the theoretical maximum is a 2 TB card. I doubt that anyone has tested the latter.)

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