Selling my Librem 5 order place in queue (originate from Europe)

Hello everyone,

I’ve pre-ordered my Librem 5 in Mai 5, 2021 after I watched the crowdfunding campaign for some time. Today I’m still in queue to receive it, but finally I would like to buy another phone. So I would like to sell my place in line for my Librem 5. I’ve contacted the purism team, which explained me they could just assign the order to another account.
I would like to sell it at the same price I bought it because it would be brand new when you will receive it, so I propose to sell it at 849$ or 799€. I live in Europe, so you might expect some charge if you don’t use Euro.
I also ordered some additional parts like 2nd battery, privacy screen and OpenPGP card. If you also like to have these, it may be easier to change the order… but if not, there will also be a solution.



There was an earlier sale in Dec 2021 for “600$ or 550€” Librem 5 for sale (Unshipped, 600$) also in Europe. You’re welcome to try selling it for however much you want to ask. And that purchaser in '21 may still be waiting, whereas it seems more likely your purchaser will be wait less and get a response much quicker. Good luck!