Selling my Librem 5


Decided to part ways with my Librem 5. Only real notable issue is that the back cover doesn’t lock on like it should, but does stay on for the most part. I have it posted on Craigslist, which you can look at here:

Prefer to meet in person, but definitely willing to ship. No asking price set because I have no idea what the going rate is. Just want to see if there’s an offer worth parting with it for.

I’m not sure if there’s community guidelines for this kind of post and happy to follow them if someone can share them.

To me, there is not a lot of information there. What version, when did you receive it, did you pay in the area of $600, $1200, or $1900 and how long have you used it, and I’d want to ask which in what currency. Can’t tell if one can meet with you if we don’t know what cit, or country, you’re in.
I’m newer to the L5 than most folk here so I’d ask a lot of question in PM/DM.

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The link goes to “Vancouver” but take with a grain of salt.

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Happy to answer almost any question anyone has.

I bought it second hand from someone in Toronto who said he was on some company board for Purism, or at least they claimed to be (I didn’t verify this). I can’t remember what I paid and frankly wouldn’t specify anyway because seems the second hand market fluctuates and don’t want to set a price lower than it is worth or too high to scare people off or worse, attract those who want to deride you for it.

I know it is NOT the USA version. Beyond that, I don’t know much more about specific information like production run. I can check anything you ask as long as it is detailed enough.

I am located in Vancouver. Currency seems kind of irrelevant as long as it is specified in the offer.

I got it in May 2022 and it never was my “daily driver.”. I would tinker with it and try things to get it there, but never did and so it rarely even left the house.

I hope that all helps. As I said, happy to answer questions or field things in DMs.

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