Selling my Librem5 DevKit

Hello i am selling my Librem5 DevKit because i have no time for it at the moment and it is a pitty if it would just sit here unused.
I am located in germany, if anybody is interested, just ask.
Best regards


The DevKit is Rev1.0, Mint Condition, it think the initial price was 399 dollar, i would sell it for 299 dollar / 270 eur (or near offer), i can ship it worldwide, but no for free, i am not amazon :roll_eyes:

Could i get pictures?

Yes of course, what pictures do you need?

My camera is not the best, but i hope you can see that the phone is “real” and functioning (see flash process in vm debian)
The Display still has its protetive film on

i would love to show you a qt example app (i am a c++/qt developer), but i never got that far (the reason why i am seeling my dev board, to bring it back to the development cycle, everything else would just be a waste of recources)

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I think I’ll pass, thanks. I just don’t see myself using it enough. Best use case for me would be booting it every few months to check the state of PureOS, which seems pretty wasteful to me.

If you don’t find any buyers, perhaps you could consider donating it to Ubports, the Plasma Mobile team, or postmarketOS team? Might be able to write it off on your taxes.

Ok, thank you for the info, but i dont think donation is an option

@nnead I’m interested. I want to contribute but my device is an Evergreen.

A few question (just asking).

  • Does the screen work?
  • Is there anything not working?
  • How is the overall status of the device?

the overall status of the device is factory new.

Images for functionality test of display and wifi

Not sure which modules you would like to be tested, just ask for a test and i can make that happen

Like i said, i did not have enough time to justify the devkit for myself, i invested maybe a day overall to setup a enviroment and flash the image

Of course it’s your decision and sale, you might want to take this advice by @reC into account when selling your Dev kit.


Ok thanks for the advice


Further Testing:
Display: Working
WLAN: Working
GSM: Working
Speaker: Working
Microphone: Working
Ethernet: Working
USB/C: Working
Mainboard: Working

Not tested:
Hdmi: i have no cable
Bluetooth: i have no device
Camera: no application available (?)

Send me an email I’m interested

Send you a private Message, i dont think email addresses are public

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Sold and shipped, please close this thread


Hope you did well by selling this dev kit

i think so, the person is activ in the community for a long time and has nice stuff in his git repo


Wonderful, thanks for the considerations

Your wish is our command :wink: