Selling my Purism Librem 13 v2 with TPM - Great condition

Selling my Librem 13 v2 with TPM. Got it and really liked it, but have to use Windows for work, and it ends up being too much to carry around 2 laptops all the time, so the Librem just sat at home and didn’t get used much. No scratches or dents or anything like that.

Price for a new one now of equal specs is ~$1800 USD, so I’d be willing to do $1400 including shipping in Canada or USA.

Intel i7-6500U @ 2.50ghz x 4
Intel HD Graphics 520
500GB Samsung SSD

Based in Canada but can ship to US as well.

you do realize that the Librem runs Windows just fine, right? :slight_smile:


I should have specified by “using Windows for work” I mean using Windows on a company supplied laptop. Haha, thanks though!

There is nothing fine about running Windows. :slight_smile:

as long as you plan to work for that company for a reasonable amount of time. I would hate to think that in three months time they downsized you out or you bailed because you got a new boss who is a total nightmare etc. etc. … and you sold a perfectly good laptop.

If you have to sell the laptop then they aren’t paying you enough. LOL.

PS If you care about privacy and security then you would never do anything of a personal nature on a company-supplied laptop.

I appreciate everyone’s concerns and advice about computer usage, but the bottom line is I’m just trying to sell a laptop that I enjoyed using but don’t need at the current moment and would prefer to give it a nice home instead of having it sit on the shelf and get old. I’m sure there are people who are interested in using/trying out Purism hardware and would be happy to get a used unit that is in good condition at a cheaper price than a new one because of their budget or preferences. :smile: