Selling (new*) Librem 13 v4

I purchased a Librem 13 v4 in February of this year (2019) with extended warranty and upgraded RAM and SSD. Here is the original order:

The unit had a defective screen hinge and I removed the hard drive and sent it in for repair on warranty. It turns out they simply gave me a new unit. They migrated the upgraded RAM to the new unit and sent the sealed new unit to me. Here are the photos:

I had purchased this laptop for work but our work policy has changed and I’m not able to use the unit like I’d like. Once they sent me a new unit, I thought it would make sense to sell it to someone that can use a new unit. There is plenty of warranty left.

NOTE: I’m not going to send you the hard drive. So you’ll have to buy the hard drive and install it (very easy). I’m including pictures of the hard drive so that you can order it from Amazon (~$80). I’ll include the hard drive frame.

So a brand new upgraded Librem 13 v4 with plenty of warranty, but no hard drive or OS USB stick, is what I’m selling. If interested, please PM me and I’ll follow-up. I’m US-based and would prefer selling to someone in the states to simplify the transaction.

The price I’d like is $1,500. I’ll cover shipping.


1100 more is to much for this notebook with no power… warranty no one need

I didn’t understand your comment. But in case anyone is wondering. It is a brand new machine in a sealed box. Of course it has power. And a warranty is actually very useful in my experience.

i tell you only what i think the notebook is worth. Brand new or a little bit used no difference. You can’t watch 4k videos and 1080p its not everytime without lags in the browser. I want to help your customer :wink: because i paid not so much for my brand new 1 day used librem

I think you should check out the shop and think about your pricing again.
The default configuration has the disk you don’t have but lacks the additional ~one year guarantee you offer. Both about ~$80 in value.
So you are $100 more expensive, but without a pre-installed OS.
That’s how it looks to me.


Okay try to sell it to this point, i don’t think you get so much maybe 1200-1300 okay sorry

Update: The unit is now ready to be used - simply remove it from the beautiful box! The hard drive is back inside the new laptop and a fresh installation of PureOS, the default OS, is installed. Pictures are below.

I’m also lowering the price to $1,200. As before, I’ll cover shipping. Please message me if interested with a phone number so we can coordinate the sale.


I can give you 750 USD?