Sending SMS and recieving them from notebook

So there’s cryptographic approach, and when you connect laptop to a phone trough bluetooth or wifi, there’s asked for password to your phone. If it’s given and correct, ( no wifi nounce mistake please, and transfer of password should be encrypted by WPA4.2 at least(that requires physical access to both devices to connect), even over bluetooth, please scan bluetooth firmware or hardware for remote execution bug, and if it has somehow permission to put something in processors instruction stack and not just data stack, please throw it away from this beautiful security…

Like this, when password is given, notebook could access to phone, you could send SMS count, and even, edit phone’s settings like a yaml text file. That’ll be beautiful. Like remote access to phone, and phone would be remote controller from a computer, if PIN from computer was entered on a phone too.

All will go trough dedicated software, with no direct hardware controll, and be aware who you hire to write that software… From phone to computer, like a remote controller for music or something like that, and full control over phone from computer, that’s revokable by button, or keyboard shortcut that’s set from default.

Just in the case, somebody will want to CRON send SMS or something like that…

But that could be making up alliby, I don’t want that, but I want to have planned infromation flow, like when I work at night, and send finish SMS’s to work at day automatically.

Also, having notebook, capable of walkie talkie range frequencies with full audio and data support is a lot of FUN.