Seriously considering a Librem 5 USA but

Just a few questions…

  1. Does the phone do wifi calling? (Couldn’t find a final answer)
  2. Can I use Mint Mobile? (wasn’t able to find a definitive on bands)
  3. Security/privacy/no back doors for me so all I need is a phone app, chat app, decent browser for occasional use and wifi calling that work well - can I get that?
  4. Just in case, can I install MicroG?
  5. Will there be a Black Friday sale tomorrow???

Honestly, the 37% Daily Driver score worries me for such an expensive phone so any help would be appreciated and I would be very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving

1 no
2 yes
3 yes, but see #1
4 no, unless you get waydroid running. Then maybe?
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Wifi is like RJ45, or fiber, or co-axial network cable, it’s a mean of connection to a LAN or a WAN, but not baseband
What do you mean by “wifi calling” ?

  • Do you mean VOIP ? (which require some kind of SIP or XMPP account)
  • Do you mean VoWifi ? (which require your provider to give you this functionality)
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Thank you so much!

I have wifi that we all connect to in my house. It is a coax cable connected to a modem/router?don’t know what kind it is…

Currently, I can connect to it with my phone and make calls. Cell in my area is poor at best with any carrier so I depend on my house wifi for calls and such. It is a must have for me.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy your holiday! This answers my questions. Looks like I will have to wait until wifi calling is a possibility.

“WiFi calling” is used in countries where the mobile signal is often crap at home but people can get internet at home via some other means. (The technology used for the home to connect to the internet does not matter. In theory it could even be mobile broadband. :wink:)

The phone connects to the WiFi (easy) then connects to the internet (presumed to be easy) and then connects to the mobile service provider for the mobile phone but over the internet.

Then the mobile service provider allows the phone to make calls as if being made over the mobile network e.g. billed normally, surveilled normally, …

And, yes, it only works if the mobile service provider supports it and allows it - and if the phone supports it.

It is quite different in implementation and set up from VoIP although at the end of the day it provides similar functionality.

Of course there is nothing magic about “at home” in the first paragraph above. It can in theory be used anywhere the mobile phone can get to the internet via WiFi.

To complicate matters, on a cool phone like the Librem 5 where you can plug an ethernet dongle into the bottom of the phone, there is even nothing magic about the “WiFi” in “WiFi calling”. If “WiFi calling” works at all then you can presumably do “gigabit ethernet calling”. :slight_smile:


And to you! :turkey: :broccoli: :corn: :leafy_green: :onion: :tomato: :wine_glass: :pie: :coffee:

Note that VoLTE is not enabled by default yet; there are instructions available to enable it yourself, but technically it’s “experimental” right now.

For modem, you would want the BM818-A1 version, i.e. North America:

The LTE bands for Mint Mobile (i.e. T-mobile) are the most important now for coverage, with the shutdown of 3G (although you would still need to have working VoLTE in order to make and receive calls):

Doubtful for the Librem 5.

No. But another solution may be to use SIP dialing, by getting a number with a cheap VOIP provider, then adding the account to the phone’s dialing app. This number would not be the same as your mobile number, though. Think of it as a “home” line that can travel around with you…usable as long as you have some kind of data connection, either mobile or wifi.

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[quote=“irvinewade, post:5, topic:18776”]
And, yes, it only works if the mobile service provider supports it and allows it - and if the phone supports it.[/quote]

I am currently using wifi for calls and everything else on my phone, so I know Mint allows it. Now it is up to the Librem 5 - am I understanding that it will not work because although the phone will connect to my home wifi, it will not make calls?

THAT is cool! But who wants to walk around the house with an ethernet cable…lol.

My apologies, the wifi speak is a tad over my head. Thank you for taking the time to help me understand.

So just a definitive on the one thing: Librem 5 can or cannot connect to my home wifi and make calls… Sorry, I have turkey brain now.

It is not something that I myself have tried. I’ve never seen someone reporting in this forum that it does not work (yet) or that it does work. So I have no basis for believing either way. I just wanted to explain to @fralb5 what WiFi calling is and why you would want to do it.

If you want an official answer from Purism then I recommend emailing

They will have a better idea of current status, whether it’s on the roadmap, what the technical challenges are, …

Thanks for the explanation :+1:, I was not aware of this name for VoWifi
It’s those kind of more “user friendly” names, which … technically … f***s you brain :confused:

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I have one for sale on ebay ( a couple more days )
Link in my posts

Erm, I don’t think you do !!

I took the OP to be talking about the Librem 5 USA edition. You are selling a Librem 5 vanilla edition. Not the same thing. Right?

Same. I will get fact checked here in blog but USA edition is assembled in USA.
Not sure if any parts are different. :slight_smile:

Phone function should be identical.

Not same.

Phone function should be identical although I can’t swear to it. But not same.