Server enquiry for server

Good day. Will Pureos have the ability to run Docker and Snap.?

I also want to know will Pureos be able to run the full function of a main server.

It is a Lts support version

Currently PureOS is rolling-release type distro, which closely follows Debian Testing. There has been some discussion of offering LTS version, though, so it might happen in the future.

PureOS should be able to run Docker. Snap I think is less likely, as Snap is more or less a Ubuntu-only format. PureOS intends to make use of Flatpaks for sandboxing applications.

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But I think currently they stick with Buster. We’ll see how it… rolls :wink:
Maybe green is buster and purple becomes testing?

@Jesica, you can check the available packages on (which I think is not yet publicly announced)
Seems there are some docker packages and a snap plugin for Software center.
But snap is very Ubuntu centric and most other distros including PureOS focus more on flatpak.

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Thanks for the reply