Session Messenger - compiled from source

I use Session Messenger on all my devices. It is a messaging application which is a fork of Signal, which does not require a phone number to register. The normal install method for the Linux desktop (x86) application is an App Image.

I’ve contacted Session and asked about support for the Librem 5. They replied they are not aware of anyone using Session on an ARM 64 Librem 5, they suggested I compile the app myself from the Linux desktop version (

The problem is, I know just enough about this, to know I do not have the depth of experience required to be confident that I won’t screw up my Librem 5.

The first step appears to be install of the required repository, ( followed by installation of the app.

I gave installation of the repository a try with no success.

Any words from someone with greater experience would be helpful.


I know for sure that the version in Manjaro (Phosh?, Plasma?) works on Pinephone. I’d download it and go from there. I’m no expert on screwing with tarballs though.

It may have been on the snap repo, fyi. I can’t remember.

Unfortunately no arm64 flatpak either (something to request). Some efforts on this here: (somewhere to participate).