Set Minimum CPU Fan Speed on Librem 14


On Librem 14 running PureOS 10 is there a way to set minimum fan speed?

I do not want it to drop to “zero” RPM every time the fan cools CPU to 69c.


Because when CPU temperature hits to 70c the fan starts to spin at circa 2500RPM. On Idle machine, the fan starts and stops every 30-60 seconds.


That is with Turbo set to off using CPU Power Manager extension.

Perhaps @MrChromebox knows the answer?

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Right now we have no support for setting fan speeds. I want to add this at some point but right there is still a lot of “bigger fish to fry” :slight_smile:

The fans also work with a hysteresis, i.e. if the fan starts to spin at 70C it will not stop again at 69C, it will cool down further before. If it would not do that you would get terrible on/off jitter :slight_smile:


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Same for librem 13, I guess!?

I think Librem13 won’t get this firmware.
But there is a way how to disable turbo mode on CPU and it helps a lot:

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the problem is the CPU temp is being incorrectly reported to the EC, as well as the fan ramping up too quickly. Both of these will be addressed in a future EC firmware update