Setup/initialize a Nitrokey storage on PureOS

I just got my Nitrokey storage and I wanted to set it up on PureOS.
There is a page which describes some stuff how to work on different OSes.
So I successfully installed the Nitrokey App.

When I start the app I got the PopUp-Message:

The context menu looks like this at this moment:

So there is just the “Quit” option. If I click on OK on the popup message the application will be closed instantly.

Any idea how to deal with that?

Thanks in advance

@Smojo: Have you found a solution to this?
I am having the exact same question/problem and cannot get the nitrokey app to start.

Hi @gernot,

yes I found a solution. Nitrokey support pointed me on that.
Normally the gnome system tray menu should look like this (standard debian installation):

When the app is started you should see a system tray symbol in the lower left corner. But for PureOS Gnome version I don’t see such a menu. There is only the App Menu next to activities (see my first post). I don’t know if this is PureOS specific or if this is a general Gnome issue.

Anyway when you install the Gnome Shell Extension ("(K)StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support"). This restores an older behaviour of system tray for Gnome.

Can simply be installed using the software manager.
You can also launch it but the default settings did already work for me.

Open a terminal and run the nitrokey app by just tying “nitrokey-app”. After some secconds the initialize popup will appear.

Click “Ok” and the app you will see that the app is still running (this was already the case before, but starting it via terminal it is more clear).

Now you see an additional tray menu in the the upper right corner and with a right mouse click you will finally see the menu to initialize your nitro key.

Hope this is helpful for others as well.


@smojo: Thank you so much for this detailed explanation and your effort fo even include pictures and everything!
And yes, I’m sure this will definitely help a lot of people here!