Sha sum file for PureOS download contains wrong filenames

the chechsum file contains the following:

bf07413d871afb57bda73eb41d5233c621045178dad66c56cfaf75acc00ecb85  ./pureos-10_devel-gnome-live-20220602_amd64.packages
87e3ce38504f46cb44ae86b3cd78aba59e28a388890d84f86c2ba6ecafeb3699  ./pureos-10_devel-gnome-live-20220602_amd64.iso
d03786fe5ef5e8db1872cf176309e371894b1aae8dc974ce7d612f6de421c917  ./pureos-10_devel-gnome-live-20220602_amd64.iso.zsync

The downloaded file name is pureos-10~devel-gnome-live-20220602_amd64.iso

Notice the tilde in the file name of the downloaded file that is replaced by a underline in the shasum file.

Is this inconsistency expected?

After changing the file name of the iso by replacing the tilde witch the underline the shasum check passed.

Link to the download page I am writing about:

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Too funny. Quality Control gets all the hundreds of bits correct to checksum the file, but the miss the file name.

No, but if the checksum matches then its nothing to be concerned about, just a typo in the filename.

Normally these things are generated automatically.

It is also possible that the file gets renamed somewhere along the line after the hash is recorded.