Share files via bluetooth on Librem5

Today I tried to share a file via bluetooth for the first time, I sent a .flac from my debian machine to the L5. I was able to easily pair the devices and send the file, although the transfer speed was VERY slow, around 20/25Kbs, but the real problem is that at the of the process I got a notification on my L5, telling me that the transfer process completed successfully, I clicked on it and… nothing happened. I then googled around for the default location of files transferred via bluetooth and I was able to find the file under Home/.cache/obexd, but with a different name, JQ2801.flac. It looks like a temporary location for a received file, as if something didn’t work as expected. Am I the only one with this problem?

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Can only talk about Android > Librem 5 bluetooth transfer. The transfer is indeed very slow but the files get saved under ~/Downloads/ and tapping on the notification works.

BT transfer of 5.8Mb MP3 with non-android old phone approximately one minute (+/-5sec). Went straight to Downloads in L5. Seemed as fast or slow as BT usually is.
That “Home/.cache/obexd” seems like a cache temp file, possibly a incomplete download. It should be moved to Downloads after finishing. That would also explain why the tapping wouldn’t work. Maybe DL was done but file write was still going on?

Ok, I tried again and it looks like this time everything worked. The file can be found under /Downloads… I guess it was just some kind of weird temporary problem, maybe an incomplete download as @JR-Fi suggested. Transfer speed again around 20Kb\s, but it works :smiley:


You can also send files over your wifi network using Warpinator.


croc is another alternative for easy file transfer to any platform. It uses the cli, but it is a easy as croc send file(s) or folder(s). This generates a code, like croc 1234-three-random-words that the receive end must type in. It works on linux/windows/mac/android and has an f-droid app as well. I don’t know how it compares to Warpinator or for example wormhole, though, but I use it all the time to send files between devices and also to friends and family.


thanks, very useful!!!

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Just in case, another app for easily sharing files among devices, also based on the “Magic Wormhole” protocol, available here and using a modern UI. It works just as expected!

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I love Warp, unfortunately doesn’t have a arm64 .deb package because Debian 11 current in Byzanthium doesn’t have the necessary packages.

“croc” is a super-hero for encrypted internet transfer. Totally cross-platform. I insist on it for secure internet transfer between my Linux machines and my family’s Winbloze machines.

Warpinator is very convenient and works great for file transfers on a LAN that you control.

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how do you share photos from Librem 5 to Android over bluetooth?

I cant find option menu to share or copy to bluetooth on Image viewer or Files application

I use blueman-manager.

Bluetooth transfer i found to be too slow. I would just use Wormhole clients such as Warp, where transfer of large files is very fast. There now is a flatpak package and you can run it on the phone.

File Edit Options Buffers Tools Lisp-Interaction Help
I know this post is about transfer files using bluetooth. I guess croc doesn’t support bluetooth tr
ansfers, right?

But It is an interesting piece of sotware.

Afaik it has a MIT License, source hosted on github. GitHub - schollz/croc: Easily and securely send things from one computer to another 📦

@krimskrams @Photon If you installed on Librem 5 Could you please provide the steps you follow?.

according to this developer’s interview Console #91 -- Gorse, Wordle, and Croc - by Jackson Kelley
the transfer uses a relay server which developer pays. He is asking donations.

Even the user can setup it own relay server.

Looks like the developer likes the Monome and contributes code to Norns; how fascinating.

Croc seems very similar to Warp/Magic Wormhole, based on my limited understanding.

Oooh… I did not run it on the L5, but instead x86 Linux Mint. If the developer doesn’t release an ARM binary, I suppose we would have to compile it on the phone. :grimacing:

I am using croc on my phone all the time, and it works great. I believe I installed in the terminal like this:

‘curl | bash’

Be sure to understand what the script does before running

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