Sharing Ethernet Connection With IOS Devices

I don’t use Wifi, or wireless tech (and neither would you if you were fully informed).

On my OSX devices I could direct share hardwired Ethernet with IOS devices through OSX->IOS USB cable connection.

While I can share files between IOS devices via cable, so far I haven’t been able to get a PureOS->IOS cable internet connection to work.

I tried to get a Hackintosh VM to connect with the IOS device, and then hopefully replicate the internet share I do on my OSX devices. While the Hackintosh worked, I just couldn’t get it to recognize the IOS device.

Has anyone else been able to get this to work? What’s the trick I’m missing?

I am sorry I can not help you as I never gave money to Apple. But could you elaborate on “I don’t use Wifi, or wireless tech (and neither would you if you were fully informed).”

This is an old issue/discussion that has disappeared from public discussions many years now. Once I had talked to a University Biology professor who told me “avoid wifi” at all costs because it inhibits the DNA correction mechanism of the cells, leading to cancerous situations. This was back in the 2008. Since then I have never heard anything more on this issue.

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if you drank radiation poisoned water spilled in the ocean-water from Fukushima incident you would be inclined to say that you got Cancer from the wireless devices around you, but you could also say that you got pregnant from having anal sex and not many people would believe that unless you presented actual proof …

ionizing radiation in the air and contaminated land and objects are another thing entirely …

reC, perhaps you might want to give this list a purview, and spot how many fallacies you just spouted:

Wifi is killing you, and at the very least making you less fertile and stupid, so too is 5G, so too is dirty electricity, high tension power lines, and your cell phone.

But reC, if you don’t believe me go ahead, stick your head in a microwave. Turn it on. See what happens. Oh, you don’t have to… you already did, if you used a cell phone.

Maybe you should open up the warnings on that cell phone, and read them… make particular note of the part about not putting it next to your head.

But… I’m sure you’ll find plenty of “scientists” to agree with your fallacy. The best scientists money can buy.

…and that antonis, is the real reason you hear nothing about it now.

Do your own thinking. Run your own tests. Or you could take the word of a bought and paid army of shills who have no vested interest in the trillion dollar wireless industry (cough, cough).

on the contrary i do believe YOU and everybody else who has done their own research … i don’t NEED to do my own research with this because i’ve already witnessed some of what you describe with my late mother (God rest her soul) and i’ve seen first hand what can come of cell-phone radiation in very close proximity to the head (and ears more exactly) and it wasn’t even 5G back then … believe me when i say that i’ve seen my share of things in this world and i’m probably going to see some more (tough i can’t really say i WANT to).

what i wanted to express above is that there ARE also many things that CAN be exagerated and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions solely based on correlation.

i mean, yeah i troll people here and there but that’s just so i don’t go CRAZY. cough, cough