Sharing my ringtone and question

Hello everyone
Congratulations to the ringtone contest winners, unfortunately i’m not one of them but i’d like to share my ringtone with the community maybe someone will like it and use it

as you can hear my music taste is different from purism and from the winners, so i’d like to know if all sounds could be modified on librem5 or if will be like android for example you cannot change the boot sound

You will of course be able to choose to use your own sounds if you prefer—it is, after all, your phone.

Also note that this is a community endeavor, and we are encouraged to participate. (See recent announcements, Community Outreach)

So, yesterday I opened an account on and followed the instructions for making pull requests, just to fix a typo (hey, everyone starts small…).
I assume it’s totally possible to include additional ringtones in the official release. Just find out, where they are (or: will be?) and add yours. I guess you can also ask for assistance in the Maxtrix channel.