Shell prompt Starship

watch it here >

super configurable shell prompt. what do you think ?


I would switch to this if i wasn’t already happy with my own prompt in zsh. But I just copy/paste that setup between systems and it both works and looks nice, so I have little incentive to switch to this even if it is likely superior in every way.

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I use the shell prompt to put some information in the window title rather than in the prompt per se.

Otherwise what he said. I just don’t expect so much out of my shell prompt that I am looking for something new and amazing.

the name says it all - Starship ! i’m so glad that people spend time creating tools such as this because this shows that some of them are really passionate and talented … like you say i’m not doing anything special with my prompt to warrant me to use this but i do it just for the experience itself.

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Thanks for sharing!

fish: Finally, a command line shell for the 90s
Starship: Finally, a command line prompt for 2020

Starship in combination with Fish and Byobu is a real efficiency booster on the phone as well. Thanks @reC - I’m using this combination on most of my devices now… :slight_smile:

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