Shift key returns a . Librem 15v3

I recently received a replacement Librem 15 V3 and the keyboard mapping has some very strange quirks. The main problem is the right shift key returns a decimal point every time it’s pressed. Shift + f will give me “.f”
The left shift key will work when the OS is running (though it makes a beep every time it’s pressed). However at crypt setup stage it will toggle between the GUI and command line and add some characters.

Between the two it is impossible to use a decent password for the disk encryption.

One additional feature is it is impossible to get an uppercase L at any stage with either shift key.

I have a Librem 15v3 with a UK keyboard.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated


Some additional information which may shed some light. I tryed to reinstall PureOS and when I came to the keyboard on first setup I tested some of the keys not working.

Pressing Shift L lights up Shift L and the down key
Pressing Shit R Lights up Shift R and the decmal key
The following keys do nothing when combined with either shift key: L O 9

Purism suggests contacting their support team when experiencing issues with the UK model keyboard

Thanks taylor,
I did email them over a week ago now but no response. I have tried again today.

Yes, I saw it just now, but in the future please follow our guidelines for sending email to support.

I will reply to your new email now.