Shipping Estimate Time

I have ordered a librem 13 v2 with an i7 in August. Now I see the expected shipment times for i7 equipped machines is listed as November on the librem-13-i7 page. Is that when I should expect shipment for my order in August? I will not change my decision to order if this is the case, but would simply like clarification of the situation. In some places the website says orders will within days will be given an estimated time of shipment, this has not happened for my order yet after some weeks.

Best of luck for the success of the librems!

I would like to know the estimated shipping times as well. I placed my order Oct. 8th 2016 and it’s approaching the 1 year mark. My account shows an estimated shipping date of August 21-27th 2017.

Well, if you go to the Product page, it says the ETA is November 2017 for the i7 Librem 13v2’s (if you want an i5 instead, only the version with UK keyboards are shipping from inventory now), so I guess that’s around when you should expect to see it (assuming there are no complications).

ktmr, my guess is that they just haven’t yet had time to update the estimated shipping date on all those i7 orders.

I had pretty much the same guess ezs777, but it could be this new ETA applies to new orders not orders made when the estimate was mid September, right?

The thing is, they haven’t received the batch yet; the ETA for receiving all the parts for that batch is November 2017. That means that, when they finally receive the batch and it’s ready to ship, you will be among the first people to receive yours, but your order cannot be shipped, until they actually receive all the parts. If they had all the parts already, I imagine that they would have stated so, somewhere on the website.

Sounds plausible, but maybe they are just too busy with the phone campaign? I’m curious how you know the ETA for receiving the parts is November? Maybe I missed something they published publicly…


I ordered an Librem 13 v2 back in March of this year, at the time projected shipping dates were late may / early June. It’s September now, over half a year since I ordered and it still hasn’t shipped. Currently my order page says: Estimated Shipping Date: Librem 13: August 14-20

I think my estimated shipping date changed 2 or 3 times. Back in June they mailed to confirm if I still wanted Qubes installed (something they later were unable to do anyway and we now get an USB with Qubes to install it ourselves). At the time they said: “Expected ship dates for PureOS-based orders are from June 14th to
June 23rd. Expected ship dates for QubesOS-based orders are July 5th
to July 15th (depending in part upon the latest OEM iso from Qubes).”

Emailed them 2 weeks ago asking when the laptop was going to be shipped. They said 2 weeks at the latest. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t gotten any confirmation that it’s shipped yet so probably even further delays.

To be honest they seem to have next to no clue when they are able to produce/ship their own products and they’re not very vocal about communicating when their products get delayed. I wouldn’t trust any shipping/delivery estimate they give you. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this product and be prepared to wait at least double of what they’d estimate or probably even more. It’s really awful.

@ktmr and @Spacious, your orders will be shipped in the next 2-4 work days.

@mladen That is good to hear, and seems to potentially counter ezs777’s comments that shipping is not possible at the moment. Any chance you could comment any further on that? I do not know if @ktmr and @Spacious ordered i7 Librem 13 v2s…

Librem 13s with i7 are coming in November.

Thanks for the update @mladen