Shipping L5 US to the backers of the project?

A lot of us, the backers, made this project (a Purism Linux phone L5) to be possible at all. Why Purism can not just ship the L5 US to the backers who spent (and risked) our money 3+ years ago? Without us, the L5 US would not exist at all. Don’t you (Purism) think that we do not deserve this now?



As a backer, I find this suggestion ridiculous. Librem 5 USA costs three times more not because Purism is greedy. It’s actually harder to develop a phone in the US. How much alternative phones from the US cost?

As a backer, I want Purism to thrive and don’t want to make them bankrupt by unreasonable actions like this. Also read this:


I understand both of you. fsflover is right though. Bottom line is that Purism is going to do it the way they want. Most days I accept that and some I don’t.
I have deGoogled daily drivers and a Mobian PinePhone so the L5 with kill switches and mostly outdated hardware is okay I guess? These forums are the best part so far. Lot of knowledge and help here.

I assume from what Purism stated in its recent article about the Librem 5 USA that another American company is fabricating the PCBs, but Purism had to buy its own solder paste printer, pick and place machine and vapor phase reflow oven to do the PCB assembly (i.e. populate the PCB with components). Plus, it had to buy some solder rework stations to fix any misplaced components. From what I understand that is a large investment in both equipment and training personnel to use the equipment. It probably costs Purism significantly more to produce the Libre 5 USA than the Librem 5.

The bigger problem is that Purism probably only has parts in stock for a couple hundred of the Librem 5 USA, which would be enough to get through a month or two of the normal Librem 5 orders, but then it would have to stop and wait until October to get more processors. I guess that would make the people happy who ordered in October and November of 2017, but it won’t change the situation for the rest of the pre-orders.

Another issue is that Purism is probably going to have a hard time getting new orders until October, and having the Librem 5 USA will probably bring in extra orders for the company from people who don’t want to wait. I don’t know what is Purism’s financial situation, but I assume that the reason why it changed its refund policy and reduced the number of developers of the Librem 5 from 15 to 10 in 2020 was because of financial constraints.


And I would check that figure because at that specific time, it might be that “a couple hundred” gets you part way through October 2017.

Wouldn’t that be robbing Peter to pay Paul? That would simply substitute one set of unhappy customers for another set.

Keep in mind that even if all components put into producing L5USA would be moved into producing regular L5s, the waiting line for L5 would only slightly move and most of people would still have to wait for their phones. The L5USA is a premium version with much lower demand and it was always supposed to be produced in parallel.


This is the best post I have seen on these boards. Great companies provide great customer service. Don’t bite or upset the hand that feeds you. FIFO - Accounting principals. First in First out. Give working phones to whomever gave you the money first. Anything else is asking for problems. It is a slap in the face to see Librem 5 USA available NOW… when we have been waiting 3 years. It isn’t even a USA phone… it is just assembled there. Part’s are from all over.

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Why? Pay for a Librem 5 USA if you want the phone sooner. No one is stopping you.