Shipping starts in a week , any email's received yet?

But won’t pinetab be arm based and not x86.

I think an arm tablet is a nice novelty but not compelling to me in the slightest.

Correct. For what it’s worth it looks like the Librem10 before it was sidelined was going to use a Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor. I have no clue if ARM vs x86 is a major deciding factor for FOSS consumers when buying a tablet. For me for FOSS tablets the sell… it’s mainly can I read manga / Marvel Unlimited / DC Universe on it with a reasonable amount of effort, maybe play Plex w/o latency, poor quality, but I’m not everyone.

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They consider a laptop to be in stock if they have all of the parts for it. I would guess that they consider the shipping process to include final assembly. I would also guess that this applies to the phone as well as the laptop.

I agree with Todd Weaver that it is an important day to ship the phones and I am also happy about that. What I don’t understand is the fact that, being an important day and with 5000? buyers, no video, complete photos, e-mails to buyers about when they will receive the phone. I repeat, I am a supporter of this company that has reached a historical goal but as a marketing … they should improve.

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There might be a bad reason for this.


A video would be really cool to see. I’m not sure what you mean by complete photos? Do you mean like from the back of the phone?

They posted these on Librem Social.

Edit: for the scrolling.

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There have been numerous diversions from answering how many backers would be receiving their phones in the first batch. There have been diversions in who would be in which batch. I am anxious to get a phone like all of us, but how about batch number transparency.


How about now?

Edit: well, this is sort of inconclusive, but it doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

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Thanks, I hadn’t seen those additional photos from Librem Social yet.

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Although it’s very faint, you can see the rounded corners in most of the other photos. That particular one it’s pretty hard to see anything amongst the jpeg blockiness.

Yes, thus its inconclusive-ness. But other pictures I’ve seen haven’t given me anything to worry about, I think we’ll be ok

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Is the frame higher than the screen? This would be pretty cool as you wouldn’t need a case.

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From a Purism social account topic:

these photos are an accurate representation of what the kill switches will look like for the Aspen batch. Future revisions may have an improved switch and seal and therefore better water tightness - the uncapped vs capped debate has been confusing.

So if you like better water tightness, waiting on a future batch is still a good idea. But it appears good enough to me.


Here are the pictures from the “First Librem 5 Smartphones are Shipping” blog post in even higher (probably original) resulution.

I got them via a huuuuge hack (removing the resolution part from the images’s urls).


Hmm… Enough detail now to see what “unfinished switch caps (hand crafted)” means.


And also much clearer to see the rounded display corners. Although there have been other upclose pictures since then.

Detailed pictures of the switch caps are already released by purism on mastodon:

Although closer, those where blurred at the caps compared to this. (edit: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the caps, that one just shows one slightly less finished that the others - and I’d still like to get much more closeups [“tech porn”?])


The back looks like it was out of natural stone. Uhhh.

I hope it is not heavy as granit, but solid not to say…hard. :smiley:

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I will start a new thread for Librem 5 photos and videos.