Shipping starts in a week , any email's received yet?

With shipping starting 9/24 , has anybody received their shipping batch email yet?


No word yet, but I was Oct 2017. so I think there’s ~3k ahead of me.

Though an Alpha would of been cool

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I haven’t either (I can’t math so I have no idea what I am). Quite honestly, I don’t feel like celebrating anything right now (and will probably be in a funk for a couple days) so if it’s possible maybe the emails should be delayed to Friday.

Shipping was scheduled for 9/24.

Say the first batch has 1000 phones. Your name is 1001st on the list. If they only send emails out to the first 1000 names and 650 reply that they want to be alpha testers and be in the first batch that leaves Purism with 350 orphan phones. They’ll need to send out a second batch of emails for those phones. You’ll get a chance to opt in to the first batch but many others will get emails telling customers, “Thanks for playing, but you didn’t make the cut for the first batch”

With each batch of emails you’re going to want to give the user a reasonable deadline to reply before tabulating the results and sending out the second email. If that deadline was a mere 3 days for each email they still wouldn’t have time to generate a mailing list and ship by the 24th if they sent the first email today.

Purism has a history with deadlines, shenanigans and transparency - it’s not good.

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The announcement said you’d get an email telling you which batch you’re in, though. If you’d like to switch, you can request a switch, but I would assume if Purism doesn’t receive a response they’re just going to pack up the phone and ship it to the address on file. It would delay shipping drastically if they waited for an affirmative response from every person who ordered a phone, especially backers from 2017 who may have stopped following the progress of the phone and figured it’d show up on their doorstep eventually.


They have to wait for response because they are offering 2 different modems to choose from.


So you.have to ask, “Why haven’t they sent out the emails already when there’s only a week to go before the ship date”?

Did they lose their customer list? Is their email server compromised by a virus from an employee downloading goat porn on a company computer? Is generating a list of shipping addresses and modem preferences a low priority when your product isn’t ready to ship?

Surely, Purism wouldn’t blow a third self-imposed delivery deadline, experience an unforeseen problem with their project and not communicate this to their customers in a timely fashion. Oh, damn!

I ordered Jan. 2018 and I don’t know how many were sold by then. I’m probably in the 3rd batch which is fine as that’s which one I’d pick. I know I can’t wait till i get my hand’s on it.
I’m a linux novice so these forum’s really help me. I use Mint 19.2 on my home computer and I really like it.
Thanks for all your help and support.

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I guess Oct 22 is the actual deadline?


It means that it will start on Sep 24 and continue til Oct 22nd. Even if 1 phone ships on the 24th, they made it. :slight_smile:
Kidding aside, this batch is being “built” as we talk, so they need extra time to ship them all out.
I assume, that 6 days is long enough to email a selected few [dozen/hundreds] customers , hear back from them and ship the device out.
Again, it’s not like they committed to any specific number of devices to be sent out on the first day of the deadline.


I hope to read something I the next couple of weeks from the lucky firsts. I’m envious as I would have opted in ages ago if I was sure it would function here in Oz. So I am just as excited as those about to receive. Bring it on.

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It’s not like they committed to any specific number of devices to be sent out in the first batch. Even if 1 phone ships in Aspen, they made it.

Some people have bandied about the number “1000” as the number of Aspen mobiles but I don’t recall seeing any statement to that effect. It could be any number, larger or smaller.


I expect an email on Fr or Mo.
After they ensured the web form is bug free.
Then, the first ten who manage to confirm Aspen before DDOS ensues will be shipped on the 24th. Or 25th. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How many of those first 10 are Purism staff and are shipped via walking to their desk :wink:


Ooohhh… I don’t think it should count - unless it’s handled by an actual courier, post staff or equivalent! :smiley:

Edit: this just reminds me that I need to get more books while I wait for mine. Reading suggestions: Weapons of Math Destruction (O’Neil), Click Here to Kill Everybody (Schneier).


One day we’ll look back at all this and laugh. I just hope that day comes soon. Chestnut is the one I want.


As Virgil wrote 2,000 years ago.

Things we can be (likely, perhaps near 100%) certain of:

  • Purism staff is working hard
  • Purism staff may have bitten off more than they can chew and need to tread water

Things that have a non-trivial probability:

  • Last minute supply chain issues threatens shipping dates
  • Regulatory complications threaten shipping dates

Of course, lack of transparency around what the heck happened after churning up all this excitement is worrisome. People, by virtue of the human condition, often fill gaps in knowledge with drama.

So this is really pretentious way of saying, “Patience, sidi, patience” and also, “Come on Purism, hook us up! What gives, guys?” It’s unfair to beat on pots and pans and then ghost.



Eating and swimming at the same time sounds like a bad idea.


Try telling that to a shark (or a herring).