Shipping the Librem5

I’m living in France.
My Librem5 has been sent the 19th of March from San Diego and it is always at Cincinnati, Ohio, since this date. Why ?
Is it correct ?
Thanks in advance.


Don’t worry, it may be one, or many, of those possibilities :

  • The nsa is adding a microchip into your phone to increase security :laughing:
  • The cargo is being held by customs before loading and sending goods to a foreign country
  • The carrier is waiting more goods to be full before going to France

But those are only assumptions.
Maybe someone who has already received the phone in EU can confirm how many days have passed between San Diego and the final destination


Best of luck. I think their shipping emails even had my correct address but ended sending it to the wrong address. Support never did get the address corrected with UPS for me.

Could you re-check again?

Mine was also stuck “in Ohio” for a while, but the package was never really there I believe as the description was just “Customs status updated”. Late yesterday my tracking updated and it now says that it was sent from San Diego CA which sounds correct and DHL also sent me a text with a estimate that it would arrive in Sweden at the 26th of March. So I guess that even though I got my shipping confirmation from Purism last Friday, DHL probably didn’t pick it up until late yesterday.

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I’m taking the liberty of posting a (new) question about the shipping of my Librem5.
I was informed a few days ago by DHL that it would be delivered today (in France) but, when I consult the DHL website, I see that it is still in CINCINNATI (Ohio) after having gone to Phoenix (Arizona)!
How can this be explained?


DHL isn’t always accurate with shipping notifications. I ordered some LCD monitors earlier this month and received texts 3 separate days stating that it would be delivered that day. It did get delivered within the week though.


That “Customs status updated” with location in Cincinnati Hub was just a “on paper thing” that happened on that location. Likewise as payment was on a location in France. The phone only flew on route San Diego -Phoenix - Cincinnati, and from there to Europe probably as it seems to be the a custom’s location.
Just a guess.

Yeah, that are unreliable when customs are involved. The estimate is done when the parcel is picked up and again later after it is released from the custom in your country, only then it will be reliable.

Same here, they missed the target but not by that much, though (parcel already in Europe).

Looks like it has departed the DHL hub and was probably on the way to an airport, or already in the air.

My Librem5 has finally arrived in France and I think it will be delivered on Monday but I find it strange how it has been going back and forth within the US : San Diego, Phœnix, Cincinnati.
Don’t you think so?


San Diego to Phoenix to Cincinnati to Brussells to Paris.
Seems normal to me. Phoenix and Cincinnati appear to be collection/sorting hubs for DHL.

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Hi all, if there are specific problems with the shipping of your Librem 5 order, please send an email to: with your order number.


This isn’t back and forth, this is moving from west to east, towards its destination.

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Also, this is just DHL being DHL, the geographically closest connection is not always the shortest connection.
Take the announcement estimate with a grain of salt, especially before it passed customs. I’ve had an estimation of somehing like 4 days ago at one point.



Can you give an hint about the date of your original order, just to get a glimpse into where we’re at in the shipping queue.

Bonne journée!

For that, Estimate your Librem 5 shipping should be quite up to date. At least I try to update whenever I come across a new shipping.

But yes, the order date for the new shipping would be interesting indeed.

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