Shipping within the EU from Germany?


I have canceled and hope to quickly get my money back, so I’m out of the number.


BTW, you also read and agreed to those “ridiculous” specs, you were even okay with a less powerful i.MX6 CPU.
All specs were kept, quite a few have been upgraded: CPU, larger screen, hi-res cams (13MP were not promised), an RGB LED (not promised), lock down mode (not promised), smart card reader (not promised), 5+ modem options (not promised)
That’s actually ridiculous. In a good way :crazy_face:

Lol. Not in the US. Rarely across borders.

So what? Maybe your right. I don’t care if I get mine a few weeks later. I really wonder why you invested in a project if you think they should hurry instead of making it right.


Do you know why these people exist?
Do you know why there is a “Duty free” shop at airports?
That’s not a Purism thing… This is how our world economy works…


It is …ordered stuff from the US. Had to order it twice as PostNord failed to notive me of arrivel. It was sent back … so got 1 delivery, had to pay 2 custums. Also had problems with an express letter which the did not deliver although it was recommended. Had to spend a flight and a hotel night to get teh visum for India. PostNord are totally worthless when they are at their best. :-/


That’s never the case, here in US.
All sales are posted with a price to which depending on the state [you order it from] adds taxes to it. Each state has a different tax. It’s making the process easier for everyone.